Mural Program


The Mural and Visual Arts Program of Okeechobee Main Street Arts and Culture Committee

This mural program has been developed to meet the mandate of the Okeechobee Main Street Mural  and Visual Arts Committee. The committee is responsible for the recommending to Okeechobee Main Street Board of Directors, Main Street Design Committee, and the County of Okeechobee on projects and other matters related to the Mural and Visual Arts Program.
The purpose of this program is to identify future mural and visual art locations and themes; coordinate artist selection and project completion; coordinate funds, through fundraisers or grants and develop an action plan for maintenance and preservation of future murals and existing murals. 
The Mural and Visual Arts Program was initiated to focus on the following:
• Preserving and celebrating Okeechobee’s heritage by depicting the rich history of our community and cultural heritage, our wildlife and environment, and our various recreational and community activities (murals, sculptures or related visual arts).
• Encouraging tourists and visitors to town with an attraction that is “always open.”
• Instilling a sense of civic pride in the town residents, particularly in the youth of our community.
• Working with schools to incorporate students participation with some of the mural and visual arts projects.
Okeechobee Main Street in conjunction with the City of Okeechobee adopted the Okeechobee Main Street Mural and Visual Arts Program in 2006.

Okeechobee Main Street's First Mural Project: “Williams Family Cattle Drive - 1937”

Okeechobee Main Street Second Mural Project: “Railroad Arriving 1915”

Okeechobee Main Street Third Mural Project: “Okeechobee Telephone Company”

Okeechobee Main Street Fourth Mural Project: Bank Of Okeechobee,“Looking Back Through The Windows Of Time”

Okeechobee Main Street Fifth Mural Project: “Okeechobee Hardware Store”