Community Signage

The Welcome to Okeechobee City signs are to introduce motorists far and near to our city.  The signs were constructed by the extraordinary involvement of our local business owners and employees that are a true representation of our community’s pride.  The partnership of all of those involved is the model of Main Street’s mission which begins “to promote the prosperity and vitality of Okeechobee through collaboration”.  The generosity of all of those that donated their time and labor should be applauded. Installed 2014

Lamp Post Banners

Finding Our Way


Garbage Receptacles

The lamp post is a source of illumination which is important but sometimes taken for granted. 
Okeechobee Main Street did not take this opportunity for granted, instead decided to bring attention to the beacons of light and security with the dressing of a banner.
These banners remind Okeechobee of the presence of Main Street and our organizations commitment to improvement and dedication to the success of our town. 
Began banner program in 2005.
Okeechobee Main Street’s Way Finding signs are a great feature to our community.
Although Okeechobee is a small town there are a number of important offices that can be hard to locate to a newcomer. These simple and attractive signs help lead the way to those offices that are an integral part of our downtown. 
These signs are located throughout the downtown area and have become a well known part of our streets. 
Signs installed in 2008.
The garbage receptacles were a welcome addition to the main downtown area along Park Street.
The receptacles were initiated by Main Street and were well received by the businesses and patrons that operate and shop in this area.
Great thanks to all of those that helped to make this happen and continue to support the campaign to keep our downtown area clean.
Installed in 2006.