Musician Application and Rules

Suggested Ways To Promote Your Music at The Oktoberfest City Walk :
  • Meet & Greet with Oktoberfest City Walk patrons.
  • Have A sign-in guest book at your site.
  • Hand-out contact information during the event.
  • Have an artist biography or statement for viewing
PARTICIPATION | Selected artists agree and commit to participate in the Oktoberfest City Walk. Failure to show on the night of the event will result in forfeiture from any future Okeechobee Main Street, Inc., events.
BUSINESS PLACEMENT | Okeechobee Main Street contacts artists at least 2 weeks before Oktoberfest City Walk with their business placements. Due to occasional, uncontrollable circumstances, Okeechobee Main Street reserves the right to change artists’ locations at any time up until the event. For this reason, we do not recommend spending money on materials stating your specific Oktoberfest City Walk location. (However, advertising your participation in the Oktoberfest City Walk is encouraged.)
SET-UP | Artists must contact their assigned business at least 1 week before the event to determine a set-up date/time and ways to display artwork. Participants are solely responsible for their set-up, including transporting their equipment and display materials to their assigned businesses and providing own seating, table, etc. Do not hang anything on walls without first consulting the business manager.
SALES | Artists are encouraged to sell their music on CDs and are responsible for all aspects of selling, including providing contact and pricing info, contacting interested buyers, collecting payments, providing change, collecting and reporting sales and income taxes, and delivering work. Tip jars will be allowed.
TAKE-DOWN | Artists are responsible for taking-down and transporting their work and equipment.
ATTENDANCE | Artists, not their representatives, must be at their assigned business from 3pm - 7pm pm during the event. Setting-up late or leaving early will affect your future participation in Okeechobee Main Street events. Performers must be present during the time agreed upon with Okeechobee Main Street and it is suggested to take very few small breaks as patrons will be coming into businesses intermediatley thorugout the event hours.If you must cancel your participation, do so by the Monday prior to the event. Failure to notify Okeechobee Main Street will affect your future participation in Okeechobee Main Street, Inc. Events.
LIABILITY | Okeechobee Main Street, Inc. Event sponsors, and participating businesses are not responsible for any damage to or theft of intruments, equiement, display materials, or personal property, nor are they responsible for damage to or theft of materials loaned by businesses to artists. Performers are responsible for handling business property with care and returning in the same condition.
DISPUTES | Business/artist problems are rare, but if you experience any issues with your business, please report them to Okeechobee Main Street, Inc. The integrity of Oktoberfest City Walk is important, and Okeechobee Main Street will help resolve your problem and/or limit the artist’s future participation in Okeechobee Main Street events.
RIGHT OF REFUSAL | Okeechobee Main Street reserves the right to refuse participation to any artist for any reason. Artists are required to act appropriately and in a way that positively represents Oktoberfest City Walk.