Business Application and Rules

Suggested Ways To Promote Your Business At The Oktoberfest City Walk
This event is a fun downtown event for our community to have a summer night out and get together with family and friends but more importantly this is a great opportunity to promote your business.
  • Promote your participation of this event through your social media or on your website, along with poster provided by Okeechobee Main Street (OKMS)
  • Meet & greet with Oktoberfest City Walk patrons.
  • Hand-out business information during the event.
  • Give out discount coupons that may be used for future visits to your business.

PARTICIPATION | Participating businesses agree and commit to participate in the Oktoberfest City Walk. OKMS will begin to promote your business once you turn in your application. Withdrawing after we have promoted your business may result in forfeiture from any future Okeechobee Main Street, Inc., events. Failure to open on the night of the event will result in forfeiture from any future Okeechobee Main Street, Inc., events. The integrity of Oktoberfest City Walk, Okeechobee Main Street, Inc., and your business is important.
STAFF REQUIREMENTS |Businesses need to have adults over the age of 21 serving the beer and an adult over the age of 21 to stand at the door.
SERVER TRAINING | All businesses participating in Oktoberfest City Walk MUST ensure that staff pouring craft beer on the day of the event are over the age of 21 and will serve the beer in the provided beer sampling cups/and or pour the same sampling amount into the OKMS commemorate beer glasses.
All beer servings must be consumed inside the business. Sampling cups must be discarded before leaving the business. If using a commemorative glass, no one will be allowed to leave the business with any portion of their drinks (alcohol and non-alcoholic) in their glass. This should be strictly enforced and the person assigned to the door must be an adult and firm enough to control the leaving of guests;
OKMS will provide wristbands to identify of-age guests at the Oktoberfest City Walk. Any guest without a wristband SHOULD NOT be served beer that is being offered during the Oktoberfest City Walk, even if they can present proper ID. OKMS will also issue a patron passport that must be presented and marked off to receive the tasting. Oktoberfest City Walk organizers and their event sponsors, officers, directors, employees and agents do not condone underage drinking and will assist proper authorities if brought to our attention.
SAMPLE LIMITS | The Oktoberfest City Walk is a casual stroll through Downtown Okeechobee offering guests samples of craft beer and food while enjoying music within locally-owned businesses. Sample cups will be provided and are just 4 ounces in size. Only one sample is allowed per person. If your business is offering two or more beer choices, it is recommended that only one sample of one beer is given per person and that no additional pours per person are given.
For ticket holders who have purchased the OKMS commemorative beer glass, business will use 4 oz cup to pour craft beer into the glass. No free-pouring/guessing allowed.
GUIDE FOR CRAFT BEER PURCHASE AND SERVINGS | In order for this craft beer themed event to be successful, there must be a variety of genuine craft beer. OKMS will organize and purchase the craft beer and business will then reimburse OKMS. The cost per businesses is estimated to be $100 - $150.OKMS do everthing possible to keep the cost down. Final price will be determined by ticket sales. Non- Alcoholic Suggestions: Non-alcoholic beer or wine, water with-lemon, flavored teas, etc.
APPETIZERS | Businesses participating in Oktoberfest City Walk are expected to serve/offer appetizers. Think about Oktoberfest when planning.
PARTNER WITH OTHER BUSINESSES | Other businesses, restaurants or caterers, not located in the downtown area, may want to partner with you. It could aid you in the cost of participation.
MAKE THIS AN OKTOBERFEST EXPERIENCE! | OKMS will be giving out a prize to the business with the best Oktoberfest theme.
Businesses participating in Oktoberfest City Walk ARE REQUIRED to provide a raffle prize (minimum value $10) for the event. Participants will be contacted the week of the event to arrange a prize pick up time. Examples of prizes include:
  • Gift cards(A dollar amount or free offering, not a BOGO coupon)
  • Lotions, soaps, makeup and candles
  • Fashion accessories
  • Home décor items
  • Jewelry
Oktoberfest City Walk representatives will call each business prior to the event to answer any questions and to set up a time to pick up the raffle prize.
Musicians | OKMS places performers in participating businesses at least two weeks prior to the Oktoberfest City Walk. Performers are required to contact their business at least one week prior to the event to determine set-up arrangements, as well as set-up and tear-down times.
Performers are completely responsible for all aspects of set-up and tear-down of their work. Businesses MUST provide artists with ample space for the muscian to perform. Businesses may choose their own musicians, but these arrangements must be made with OKMS as the performer will need to fill out an musician’s application. The business is responsible for contacting OKMS at least two weeks prior to the event with the name and contact information of the muscian.
DISPUTES | Although rare, if you experience an unpleasant experience with your artist or performer, please notify OKMS immediately. It is important that Oktoberfest City Walk be a fun and rewarding event for all involved, to which OKMS is committed.
MAP & SIDEWALK SIGNAGE | Each business will be represented on all passport maps given to the guests. Also, a sign will be located outside your business to also guide the guests to your location.
LIABILITY | Okeechobee Main Street, event sponsors, their officers, directors, employees, and agents shall be indemnified and held harmless from and against any losses, liability, claims, demands, expenses, fees, fines, penalties, suits, proceedings, damages, actions, and/or causes of action of any kind and nature arising or in any way connected with the Oktoberfest City Walk event.

  • Prepare their staff for the event
  • Ensure staff pouring craft beer has proper server training
  • Serve at least one selection of beer for the event
  • Serve light appetizers for the event
  • Provide a raffle prize for the event
  • Have craft beer, appetizer and prize selections ready prior to the event.
  • Have the prize ready for pick-up prior to the event.
  • Provide space for musician (s) & communicate with musician(s) prior to the event to discuss space & time arrangement.
  • Promote participating businesses by printing passport maps with their name/logo.
  • Promote participating businesses by printing posters for each business to hang in their business
  • Purchase and use wristbands to identify of-age guests of the Oktoberfest City Walk.
  • Purchase and provide craft beer sample cups to each participating business.
  • Provide taxi information and/or safe transportation options
  • Promote the event across Okeechobee and surrounding areas using tools including, but not limited to Websites, community calendars, e newsletters, e blasts, boosting social media pages, radio, newspaper, posters, event banners, event maps and more.
RIGHT OF REFUSAL | Event managers reserve the right to refuse participation to any muscians, performer, business or guest for any reason.