Tribute to Robert Butler Highwaymen Artist

The Highwaymen Art Exhibit. " A Tribute to Robert Butler" presented by Okeechobee Main Street

Okeechobee Main Street Arts and Culture Committee’s current "Artist Series" exhibit is a tribute to the late, great Robert Butler.  Robert Butler is  a celebrated painter of vivid depictions of Florida wildlife.   Butler's early career began as part of a  group of African-American land-scape artists known as The Highwaymen.  Friends, fellow artists and art dealers said Butler was a gifted, self-taught talent who often went out of his way to guide and nurture anyone wishing to learn his craft.

Okeechobee Main Street is celebrating this great artist with an art exhibit on display from June 19 - August 8, 2014 in the Historic County Courthouse at 304 NW 2nd St.   Other unique pieces from gifted Highwaymen are also on display. All works on display are on loan from Okeechobee locals.  The opening reception was held on  June 19 from 5-7 PM and was attended by many.  

We are asking that patrons of the arts come forward and help us to continue these highly successful exhibits and opening art receptions by donating to the Okeehcobee Main Street Artist Series.  The donations will be used toweard the exhibit costs and  special receptions that introduce the artists and/or the exhibits to the public.

There are two ways you can be a patron:
1 - Be a Reception Sponsor.  If you would like to sponsor a reception, a suggested donation of $200.00 will give you exclusive mention at the reception, on social media and in articles regarding the event.
2 - You may also donate any amount you wish to support this program. Your name will be listed at the event and our social media as an Artist Series patron.
All patrons will receive an personal invitation to all exhibits and receptions.

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