Arts & Culture

The Arts & Culture Committee of Okeechobee Main Street
has been a leader in the arts, for 13 years!

The arts and cultural programs we support inspire creativity,
learning and strengthen the fabric of our community. 

In 2005 Okeechobee Main Street decided to take an important step of developing more programs and activities to enhance the Arts and Culture of Okeechobee.

The Okeechobee Main Street Arts and Culture committee was formed and their overall objectives were set up.
Okeechobee Main Street began a mural program with the vision of presenting the history and popular activities of the areas through the use of art.  The Mural and Visual Arts Program guidelines were set up and Okeechobee Main Street’s first mural project was completed in 2006.  To date Okeechobee Main Street has presented 6 murals to the community.
In 2006, Okeechobee Main Street received an art grant from the State of Florida and collaborated with the local Community Theatre to present performances at the local high school.
Okeechobee Main Street held it’s first Top of the Lake Art Fest in 2007, with the aid of an art grant awarded from the Florida State of Cultural Affair. The Top of the Lake Art Fest is our biggest celebration of the arts to provide opportunity for people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to discover and embrace the arts!
This popular juried art show features national fine artists and artesian craft artists.  This annual event also gives local adult artists and students the opportunity to showcase and win prizes for their works of art.  The event has grown to include street (chalk) painting, a puppy pageant, children’s art activities, entertainment and food.
The arts and culture committee has also aided in overseeing the beautification projects, such as the street banners, trash containers and the annual Christmas window decorating contest.
Okeechobee Main Street’s Arts and Culture committee understands the significance of the arts to a community. The arts play an important role in the development of our young.  Whether learning to create art, appreciate art, or studying art forms, their lives are enriched and their communities benefit.  Without art, a community – and individuals – cannot thrive.  
Want to know how you can get involved?  Become a member of our committee or support our Artist Receptions held at the Historic County Courthouse as a Patron of the Arts.